True stories…

Go get yourself a cup of tea because it’s story time. When you’re ready I’ll tell you about Kate in toy land, Julia’s wild ride and Marina’s restless muse. Each tale features an elegant revelation that arose when things turned upside down. That’s when the real adventures began.

Kate was a stay at home mom with a passion for organization and flare for designing kids’ play rooms and home offices with efficiency and style. Her own spaces were magnificent. Legos, train sets, costumes and school calendars each had a place. Folks inquired about her magic touch. She dreamed of creating her own business one day, when she had time…

Julia adopted her special-needs granddaughter and became a later-in-life mom. While Julia tended to elementary school struggles, her older husband’s health began to fail. Her sister nicknamed her The Stress Queen.

Marina is a writer and leader among creative women. She co-founded a large and successful community. For years she was busy and proud of her work and was troubled when it began to feel stale. She itched to move on, but felt obliged to stay and lead her people.

Because they felt stuck, stale, stressed and itchy, these brave-hearted women sought some assistance. They found a coach. Together we tried some “thought work.”* We nabbed their most nettlesome thoughts and tipped them over to find a deeper truth.

Here are the thoughts that went topsy-turvy:

Kate’s original thought was: “I need a perfect website and business card before I can start a business as an organization and design expert.”

As long as she believed that thought, Kate’s business remained forever in the future. She just wasn’t getting around to it.

When we flipped Kate’s thought on its head it looked like this: “I need to start my business as an organization and design expert before I can have a perfect website and business card.”

Voila. For Kate, the flipped thought felt like freedom. Just like that she realized she could start working through word-of-mouth referrals and collect gorgeous before-and-after photos to grace her eventual website. Kate’s fire is lit by hands-on organizing, not graphic design. The new thought allowed her to get moving. Today you may not find her online, but the many clients whose homes now hum with her signature efficiency and style don’t care. Kate will get to the web when the spirit moves her. Meanwhile she does what she loves.

Julia’s original thought was: “Because things are so stressful for me, I can’t have any joy.”

Julia’s days were mighty grim.

Here’s Julia’s thought inverted: “Because things are so stressful for me, I must have joy every day!”

Shazam! She decided to make a radical switch. She began to purposefully treasure small pleasures and do things just for fun. While her daughter took therapeutic riding lessons, Julia dared to get back on a horse herself, something she hadn’t done since she’d plateaued as a competitive rider long ago. Soon she found herself at full gallop, laughing like the lighthearted child she could barely remember being. Her sister didn’t recognize her.

Marina’s original thought was: “I have to stay with this group because I am committed to being a leader among creative women.”

Marina stayed put feeling less and less creative each day.

Here’s Marina’s thought flipped over: “I have to leave this group because I am committed to being a leader among creative women.”

Phew! Finally, Marina felt excited again. Finally, she could breathe fully. Of course she had to move on to uncharted territory! How else could continue to lead? She went on to try something thrilling and new, though she still contributes to the thriving community she left behind. She loves that pack of powerhouse princesses.

And they all lived vibrantly ever after. This concludes today’s story telling session. If you crave sparkly, fresh clarity to fuel your own adventure, I’d be honored to play a supporting role. We can both and ooh and ahh as your obstacles flip, spin and suddenly disappear.



* For more information on “thought work” check out The Work of Byron Katie at

Note: Clients have approved their stories and names have been changed because coaching is confidential.

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