Hello!  Welcome! Please, make yourself comfortable and take a deep breath. Take a couple of them. Relax. You are perfect just as you are and everything is going to be okay. That’s the good news.

The other good news is that you’ve got plenty of room for improvement. After all, there are endless ways you could fall more madly in love with your life. 

Here are just a few examples, off the top of my head: 

  • You could feel more energized and at ease in your body. 
  • You could experience greater peace and deeper delight in your relationships. 
  • You might feel more pride in your accomplishments, like mastering the skills you find most captivating and giving back in your own unique way. 
  • You could gain confidence in your ability to make wise choices and use your time well.
  • You might feel more purposeful and playful, like your life’s work is a big fat adventure and you are ready to dive in.

That sounds like fun to me, and it’s what I want for you. In fact, I want you to feel so fulfilled and blessed that your heart overflows and your eyes well up when you marvel at the beauty of your life. I want you to laugh often, enjoy being yourself and love what you do all day. 

Of course, I want all of this for myself, too. That’s why I practice and teach yoga, meditation and mindfulness. It’s also why I’d be so very pleased to talk with you. I’m a life coach and I love my job.