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We life coaches value positive psychology, so I hesitate to begin with downer, but if you’ll bear with me…

Maybe you’ve noticed that, even under the best of circumstances, life can feel like a slow, scary slog through thankless tasks and self doubt.

I don’t mean all the time. But sometimes.

Of course, as responsible grown-ups we make the best of it. We count our blessings. We are not complainers. We just work harder.

On the other hand, (and here’s where I’ll sound more like a proper life coach), life can also feel like part celebration, part spiritual retreat and part big adventure. It is possible for life to feel rich and full and sweet, whether you are facing a big challenge or simply unloading the dishwasher.

My specialty is helping folks switch from one setting to the other.  (To review, the first setting is where you go around making a noble, but not terribly enjoyable effort. The second is where you step into a life that feels radiant.) 

Here’s how we make the shift from swampy to sublime:

You start by being kind to yourself. It takes practice to make that a habit. We’ll practice.  

Then you add honesty. When something is true you can feel it in your bones, or your gut, or even your feet. But that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to know what you know. Being honest with yourself can be a bit nerve wracking. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. I’m good at helping you get to the heart of things, and at listening (kindly, of course and without judgement) for the truth. Soon enough, you and your body will be on speaking terms, and you’ll have your own truth tracking skills.

Once we’ve zeroed in on what’s really got you rattled, we’ll question the beliefs that are causing you trouble. It’s a simple, but very cool process. I’ll walk you through it. You’ll be a pro before you know it. Then, after those thoughts shake loose and things start to feel more spacious and free up in your head, we laugh and sigh and look around to see what you might enjoy doing.

Hey. You know what would be really fun?!

Well, that depends very specifically on you. It’s a big world of possibilities and you’ve got your own unique self to work with. You’ve got one-of-a-kind talents, tendencies, quirks and desires. You’ve got things you already love about your life, and things that could use a make-over. We’ll sort those things out.

Happily, since we started with a foundation of kindness and honesty, whatever you choose to do next is likely to make the world a little bit better for everyone. It’s like Coach Taylor says in Friday Night Lights: “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

So let’s dream up something grand, gather your courage, and get going!

We can take bold steps, make a mess, fall down, get up, learn something new, find helpers, persevere, tell excellent stories and enjoy thrilling triumphs. We can have an adventure! And celebrate! And all the while stay connected to the Soul of the World.

(I happened upon the term “Soul of the World” in The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. I find it very alluring and romantic. Don’t you?)

Oh wait, there’s something else I should explain. All of this transformative magic takes place no matter what issue inspired you to seek out a life coach.

Few people wake up one day thinking, “I’d like my life to be less terrifying/bland/vaguely unfulfilling and more awesome. I’m going to hire someone to help me with that right now.”

Here are some reasons my favorite clients have booked their coaching calls:

  • Moms who are endlessly busy call when they want to find the clarity, courage, and time to do what their souls are yearning towards.
  • Folks who are stuck second-guessing themselves call when they want to learn to access inner wisdom and gain confidence in their decisions.
  • Men and women who are steeped in stress call to learn mindfulness skills and develop a strong core of peace, steadiness and resilience.
  • People whose success and happiness seem to be blocked by certain colleagues, friends or family members call to find solutions.
  • People who are intrigued by the possibility of “going within” to enrich their lives book appointments when they’re ready to treat themselves to the personal attention and fun of coaching.
  • Moms who anticipate having more time soon, when their little ones go to elementary school, high school or college, call to evolve into the next amazing version of themselves.
  • People with big visions call for support and encouragement as they take little baby steps and giant leaps into something they’ve never done before.
  • People with time-management frustration call to revamp their to-do list into something sleek, reliable and inspired, so they can finally love what they do all day.

I can’t wait to hear your reason to get coached. Go ahead and book a free 20 minute consultation and tell me all about it!