“Cory has an amazing way of being incredibly sympathetic and empathetic. She lets you know that your concerns are valid without allowing you to complain and wallow in them. She lead me through cognitive exercises that helped reframe some very difficult experiences. By looking at these experiences a different way Cory helped me focus on what I could learn. I have started a political advocacy project and I owe much to Cory for helping me turn the negative experiences into positive action.”

– Katie Ring

“For nearly ten years I imagined the business I would start one day, yet that day seemed to get farther away as I got closer to making my business a reality. I had been stuck for years, but Cory changed all of that for me. When I started working with Cory, she helped me figure out exactly what was holding me back and how to move forward. We broke down my plan into simple, achievable steps. Once I started moving ahead I knew I could keep going. My phone sessions with Cory kept me motivated as did the simple goals I set for myself with Cory’s help. My business is now up and running and it is truly a direct result of Cory’s amazing life coaching!”

– Meridith Edmonds

“I was having a hard time managing several areas of my life and was hoping to get some help and guidance in steering myself in the right direction. Cory held a safe place for me to talk to her freely about what was going on.  She was very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable with her. 

I found the Ideal Day exercise to be very transformative because there were things that came out that I never knew would be considered an ideal task for me.  I was surprised with the results and it made me feel better about some of my limiting beliefs. 

I enjoyed speaking with Cory about my life and felt that she did a wonderful job guiding me through what was bothering me.”

– Kristin O.

“I had never done life coaching, and was excited and nervous about what to expect.

In our first session, Cory helped me identify roadblocks (that I didn’t even know about) I was creating for myself. She helped me uncover longstanding fears behind these roadblocks, and from there, I could work with more understanding of exactly what I was telling myself.

After our first session, I felt lighter. I worked more freely and with more creativity. From there, Cory and I worked together to identify what and how I’d like to work and create. Not only was it a fun conversation, the process after the conversation is actually working. I’m still amazed by that, actually.

I appreciated the insight she offered about the non-linear path we take toward our goals.

Cory recommended a few simple meditation techniques to help me move toward my goals. When I feel blocked or overwhelmed, I use those meditation techniques.

I especially love the cards Cory made and emailed me after one of our sessions – reminders of what I’m working toward, and how.

Cory is an exceptional listener. It’s been a few weeks since our last session, and I can see my goals unfolding before me, which is so so cool.

I highly recommend Cory as a coach!”

– Maria Ciampa, comedian, writer, actor

“We all make assumptions about what is true in life, what limitations we have and what we can and cannot do. Most of those assumptions are fundamentally wrong; we are blind to the choices we make and the ways in which we imprison ourselves. Cory asks the right questions, pointed and compassionate, to help you understand what you want from life and how to clear away your self-imposed obstacles.

Cory is funny, kind and wise. When I underwent personal trauma, Cory’s gentle wisdom was a beacon. Once I got the foundation back underneath me, Cory’s coaching helped me define the life I most want to live, and gave me the courage to start making it real. This year has been all about gathering courage, letting go of assumptions, and learning to listen to the quiet inner voice I silenced for decades. I can’t think of a better sage than Cory to have on my side throughout the process.”

– Ali Mischke, structural integrator and yoga teacher

 Yoga Book Club

“The Yoga Book Club with Cory feels like a weekly retreat, like I went to Kripalu with some dear friends except it’s Thursday and I am at the rec center! If you need (and who doesn’t) a place to focus on building happiness, strength, and love for yourself look no further.”

– Nancy Joyce, Wellesley resident

“Yoga book club with Cory is an amazing experience.  Cory has an innate ability to connect with others and help people to access their own deeper truths. I have grown more resilient emotionally and more compassionate and insightful because of yoga book club.  I recommend it highly to anyone who is interested in personal growth!”

– L. Landers, Wellesley

“I tend to read a book and forget the title, definitely the author and can barely remember the ending without some help. And with self-help books I maybe jot down a couple of key ideas to try to remember. But with Yoga Book Club you get to live through the book for a few weeks, discuss it, practice yoga around it and meditate on it. It really starts to sink into your life.”

– C.C., Wellesley


“Cory’s yoga class is awesome.  She is a dynamic teacher and tailors each practice to her students.  I always leave her class feeling stronger, stretched, and calm.”

– Lori

“Cory’s yoga class is both challenging yet relaxing.  Her classes are also inspirational and constructive. I gained strength, flexibility and calmness of mind (if possible with 3 kids under 5!).  I have been doing yoga for over 10 years at many of the studios in Boston and in the Wellesley area and Cory is definitely one of the best teachers I have come across.”


“Cory has a wonderful way of including and challenging each member of the class from the novice to the experienced student. Her classes leave you energized and exercise both your body and your mind. My practice improved measurably through out the sessions as she continued to challenge my increasing ability.”

– Stephanie

“I came to my yoga mat a few years back like I have come to everything in my life before it, fast and wanting to know everything immediately.  Fortunately, I had a teacher like Cory to slow me down and make me appreciate the journey instead of the end result.  She knows when to push you to the next level and when you need to be a bit kinder to your mind and your body.  If you are new to yoga or interested in deepening your practice, I highly suggest a private session with Cory.  She will tailor the class to your exact needs and answer any questions you might have.  It helped me come so much further than I thought possible.  No matter where you are on your yoga path, finding a teacher like Cory will move you forward in not just challenging, but fun steps at the same time.  She is the best.” 

– Kerri

“There is not a place more healthy, reaffirming, thought-provoking, accepting, loving, challenging and comforting than within Cory’s yoga class.  Your practice with Cory will ALWAYS leave you in a calm and peaceful mood with an energized spirit. “

– Leigh

“Yoga was my New Year’s resolution last year and for once, I actually kept to it and love it thanks to you!”

– Cindy