This free PDF workbook isn’t the full to-do list overhaul featured in my TAME YOUR TO-DO LIST workshops and coaching series.

YOUR mini TO DO LIST MAKEOVER is a bonus, sideline system to help you get the most out of all the healthy habits, self-care commitments, good ideas and fun stuff that you’d like to make part of your daily life. I’m talking about the habits that could make you organized, fit, informed and creatively inspired, not to mention giving you that, “I meditate and drink green juice” glow.

These are the things you would love to do every day, if it weren’t for your everyday life, which keeps getting in the way.

Don’t let the mundane and practical discourage you from being spectacularly magnificent, or at least feeling pretty great, no matter what you do.

Even if you just read YOUR mini TO DO LIST MAKEOVER once and move on, you’ll take a liberating shift in perspective with you.

Make the MAKEOVER part of your (almost) daily life, and your potential for health, happiness and greatness will know no bounds.

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